We’re so excited that you’ve decided to join us!

We’ve been working for a long time towards our goal of sharing our products and business with consultants like you and we are so happy to have you on board.  Whether you’re looking to unlock your own entrepreneurial spirit, make new friendships, feel more empowered, spend more time with your family, or just have some fun, we hope we can help – you deserve it!  We’ve provided lots of tools for your new business, so go take a look around and get things started!

Angelica & Kristy


How to get started:

Step 1

First off – CONGRATS!  You are now a BubbleBird Independent Consultant!  Start by setting up your replicated website and your SkyWallet payment preferences.

Step 2

We’ve provided tons of tools to help your business.  Read through our FAQ’s and check out even more in your back office and in our Consultant Resources group on Facebook.

Step 3

Set some goals for yourself to align with our Fast Start Program!

Step 4

Spread the word & SHARE!  Do a Facebook Live unboxing of your kit, or record a video talking about the kit contents and post on your social media to share with friends and relatives.  Talk about the products you love and make personal recommendations.  When people see you’re excitement they’ll get excited too!

Step 5

Get the party started!  Ask people if they’d like to earn product rewards and have fun by hosting a party!  Make your parties even more successful by getting tips from your sponsor, and be sure to check out our Tips for Facebook Parties.

Step 6

Keep the momentum going!  Follow up with your customers – a good rule of thumb is to check in with them about two weeks and two months after their order.  Set reminders for yourself or make this a weekly habit and keep track here!  Remind customers that they have product credits to use.  Check back in with previous party attendees to see if they would like to host their own party.  Remember, it never hurts to ask! Share your success with others and tell them why you love being a BubbleBird Independent Consultant.  Check out our Tips for Sponsoring.